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A celebration of human connection

Today’s modern world is a fast paced, often sterile, secluded rat race. Making human connections has taken a dip on the priority list and been replaced by the advent of countless online and mobile apps.

But we all crave human connection, affection, touch, kiss, sensuality and pleasure. Nothing in this world, regardless of how advanced technology becomes will ever replace these basic human needs.

Without human touch and contact and interaction we become disconnected from the world and ourselves. While many of us know and crave this, actually getting it has become near impossible with our lives in this modern age. The irony of being both connected like we have never been before yet at the same time not connected at all.

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Luxurious Escorts

Veronica Violet is a new modern age experience in hiring an escort.

Many directories exist, but no others are as invested in the escorts or for you the customer in ensuring the experience is pleasurable, discreet and meets all your desires.

That’s because no other directory verifies the escorts to our level or is selective with the the escorts who they let advertise on their website.

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Paying for Sex VS Online Dating Websites

Everyone has countless options for meeting people in this new world. And we all seek easy, quick options and there is nothing wrong seeking the fast route (pardon the pun).   There are many desires that men and women want to fulfil and so they adopt a different method to do so, but the ultimate goal is to have sex and connect with another person.

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Couples Hiring Escorts To Spice Up Their Sex Life

Gone are the days of escorts only being hired by single men. Couples have clued on to the fact that the quickest and easiest way of fulfilling fantasies is by paying for it.

The most common fantasy that is listed by couples is the ‘threesome’. Where the male/female couple invite a 3rd party, most commonly a female to join them for sex.

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