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Paying for Sex VS Online Dating Websites

Everyone has countless options for meeting people in this new world. And we all seek easy, quick options and there is nothing wrong seeking the fast route (pardon the pun).   There are many desires that men and women want to fulfil and so they adopt a different method to do so, but the ultimate goal is to have sex and connect with another person.

Online Dating Website

Online dating websites like Tinder, Plenty of Fish, Oasis have become as accepted as going to the pub to meet people to date. Many have also earnt reputations for just being hook up sites. i.e apps just to meet others to hook up and have casual sex. However everyones intentions are different on these websites and everyone isn’t always transparent with their intentions. This leads to people getting hurt, anger and lets face it, you don’t know who that person is or who they have been with or how carefully they looked after their sexual health. It is a battle field out there! And it is also extremely time intensive and draining!

Paying for Sex

Put simply, paying for sex works. You select your escort, you make contact and you meet up and do what was discussed/agreed upon. You get sexual pleasure and satisfaction, you pay for the business encounter and everyone goes on with their daily lives and lives happily ever after!

With escorts you select body type, body features, sexual fantasies and time. You are literally achieving every sexual desire you ever wanted without judgement or awkward ‘why didn’t you call me’ text messages! Not everyone is ready or looking for a relationship so an escort is the perfect means of achieving sexual gratification and affection.


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