Veronica Violet

Excellence and Professionalism for Escorts and Customers

For Escorts

We are a group of marketing, public relations and communication professionals. We saw a massive deficit in the market when a friend of ours asked us to help market her escort business. The main approach seemed to be ‘list on all directories’ and hope for the best. There was no strategic approach or any advertising or marketing beyond these websites and some of these websites had no marketing plan to promote themselves and therefore the escorts.

We developed Veronica Violet to be a premium experience for escorts and customers. We not only list and promote your business but we help you build and grow your business. You aren’t alone, we provide advice and over 30 years marketing experience.


Veronica Violet is a luxury escort directory, we are select with who we take and everyone has to be verified. Which means photos and personality profiled.


For Customers


Beyond trusting that the website has actually verified the photos of the escorts, you go out on a limb hoping the escort you select for your desired event or fantasy is going to be what you are after.


We recognise that spending money on an escort is both a luxury, a necessity and a large investment in time and money. As such we go further than any other website escort directory.


We meet and talk with our escorts and only select, articulate, high class ladies and gentlemen. We aren’t a list all and sundry.